Premature Ejaculation

PremaStop™: Against Premature Ejaculation

-- A Product Natural 100 % to act formally against the Premature Ejaculation --


 The Premature E jaculation                  


Premature Ejaculation is defined as Ejaculation occurring in less than 3 minutes after the onset of sexual stimulation.


** Can we treat this Ejaculation ?

The sexuality is a relation for two and to share some pleasure it can be important to be able to delay the moment of the orgasm.

The Premature Ejaculation, is the most wide-spread male sexual preoccupation.

And since it is due to the fact that a man ejaculates uncontrollably or after his first sexual relationships or repeated or following an emotional shock and this causes a lot of difficulties and the man is found in this case powerless to satisfy and enjoy his partner.


For that doctors and sexologists admitted that with PremaStop, in particular with his(her,its) natural formula with plants, all these symptoms can be medically handled because the use of this product gave good results and effective solutions in numerous cases.

Consequently PremaStop helped most of the men to master their excitements so that they do not affect their desires quickly.


 The Causes of The Ejaculation           


The main causes of the Premature Ejaculation are due to:


  • The anxiety and the stress, because of the fear of the failure of not being successful,
  • The impossibility to control the development of the sexual reaction

  • A very strong uncontrollable sentimental resistance during the sexual intercourse
  • A bad habit of masturbation, during the adolescence
  • The expression of the aggressiveness of the male partner face to face of his partner


 The Advantages of PremaStop         


PremaStop is a 100% natural plant-based recommended by medical specialists in the field of natural medicine knowing that the results are fast and efficient and it is a purely natural product without side effects.

With PremaStop you can :


    • Increase your desire and your power,
    • Accentuate your virility,
    • Satisfy your partner in every sexual intercourse,
    • Delay the time of your ejaculation until 5 times and in the 1 only week,
    • Find a total confidence in you,
    • Have a more powerful and firm erection,
    • Reload quickly after ejaculation,
    • Prevent the premature ejaculation in a definitive way (treatment from 5 to 6 months),

Avec PremaStop™ soit vous êtes satisfait ou remboursé!


 The use of PremaStop                              


Every bottle of PremaStop contains 60 capsules for a duration of 1 month.

You have to take 2 capsules every day after the meal with a glass of water.

Especially do not exceed 4 tablets within 24 hours.

    The doctors recommend a treatment of:
  • Two months : pour un éjaculateur précoce secondaire qui ne souffre pas de ce trouble sexuel régulièrement.
  • Four months: For a secondary premature ejaculator which suffers from this sexual disorder regularly.
  • Six months : For a primary premature ejaculator which does not suffer disorder of erection.
  • Eight months : For a primary premature ejaculator which suffers from disorder of erection.

The sex therapists recommend a treatment between 5 and 6 months to control definitively the premature ejaculation


Components of PremaStop                  


PremaStop is composed of a mixture of plants well selected, unique and without side effects approved and tested by sex therapists and experts in this field.


- Hygrophila spinosa

- Argyreia speciosa

- Mucuna pruriens

- Tribulus terrestris


This selection of ingredients showed a victory in 2009 and a success against

The Premature Ejaculation


 Side Effects                                                           


PremaStop is the optimal choice for any man wanting to beat definitively the problems of premature ejaculation and has no side effects and is the best product recommended by all doctors and experts in the field of natural health.
Indeed, its natural composition is carefully chosen and which is made according to very strict directives of quality control and according to the international manufacturing standards.


FitaPharma products have the natural composition is the safest and most recommended by doctors the most prominent.


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