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VigaLine™:  Improved Female Libido

-- A 100% natural product to Eenhance Female Desire --

 The Feminine sexual Dysfunction                         


Generally we define female sexual dysfunction such as decrease in sexual desire in women to have sex approvable.


** How to achieve your desire?

Stress, fatigue and accelerated the pace of life we lose the desire to do everything and we ca still just thinking about sitting quietly.

Therefore, sex life is in danger as a result causes the woman loses her libido or sexual desire totally or partially .

And to save their sex life, women have tried to take antidepressants to enjoy intimate moments with their partners, but these drugs have aggravated the situation.

For it after several researches, specialists recommended the natural treatment with plants.


Avec VigaLine , in particular its natural formula of plant-based, all these symptoms can be treated medically since the use of this product has been successful and effective solutions in many cases.

Consequently VigaLine helped several women to find their confidences in their sexual lives by taking advantage and by satisfying their partners.


 The Causes of the Feminine sexual dysfunction                       


According to medical specialists who treat sexual health of women they have developed the main causes of female sexual dysfunction quote:


  • The anxiety and the stress,
  • The Menopause,
  • Tobacco, Drugs, Proteins,
  • The side effects of medicines,


 The Advantages of VigaLine                


VigaLine is a 100% natural plant-based recommended by medical specialists in the field of natural medicine knowing that the results are fast and efficient and it is a purely natural product without side effects.

With VigaLineyou can :


    • Increase the Libido and the desire at the woman,
    • Enhance sexual activity,
    • Find a total confidence in you,
    • Satisfy your partner without any complex,
    • Multiply Orgasms,
    • Amplify the physical sensibility,
    • Result 100% safe and approved form,

With VigaLine you'll be satisfied or money back!


 The use of VigaLine                                 


Every bottle of VigaLine contains 60 capsules for a duration of 1 month.

You have to take 2 capsules VigaLine each day with a glass of water following a defined cycle of treatment in order to distinguish the increase and the improvement of your sexual desire with more orgasm.

Especially do not exceed 4 tablets within 24 hours.


 Components of VigaLine                           


VigaLine is composed of a mixture of plants well selected, unique and without side effects approved and tested by sex therapists and experts in this field.


- Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamine B6)

- L-Arginine

- Asparagus adscendens

- Abelmoschus moschatus

- Anacyclus pyrethrum



This selection of ingredients showed a victory in 2009 and a success against

The Improvement of the Feminine Sexual Desire


 Side Effects                                                           


VigaLine is the optimal choice for any women wanting to increase his sexual desire and multiply his orgasms during the sexual intercourse and has no side effects and is the best product recommended by all doctors and experts in the field of natural health.

Indeed, its natural composition is carefully chosen and which is made according to very strict directives of quality control and according to the international manufacturing standards.


FitaPharma products have the natural composition is the safest and most recommended by doctors the most prominent.


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