Anti Impotence

VIGARoc™:  Anti Impotence

-- A 100% natural product to treat a weak erection --


  The Male Impotence                                  


Generally we defined The Impotence as the incapacity to reach or to support a sufficient and important erection to have approuvables sexual intercourse.


** How to know if you suffer from Impotence ?

His causes and symptoms are visible in diverse scales; that' why this impotence either this erectile dysfunction that predominantly affects more than 40 years and both younger age groups (20-30years).

Indeed, we speak about impotence when:

-- There is a complete absence of erection during a try of penetration.

-- The erection is short for penetration without manual assistance of partner.

--There are losses of erection during attempt of penetration or change of position during the sexual intercourse.


With VIGARoc, in particular with his natural formula with plants, all these symptoms can be medically handled because the use of this product gave good results and effective solutions in numerous cases.

Therefore VIGARoc helped some powerless to find their confidences and trust in their sexual lives.


 The Causes of Impotence                        


The causes of impotence are different and different in this case physicians and specialists experts outline the major causes of impotence due to:


  • The anxiety and the stress
  • The diabetes and the vascular diseases,
  • The hormonal imbalance,
  • The alcohol, the tobacco, and the custom of medicines,
  • The hypertrophy of the prostate.


 The Advantages of VIGARoc           


VIGARoc is recommended by doctors if you want to:


    • Have erections within 20 minutes and last up to 6 hours,
    • Accentuate your virility,
    • Satisfy your partner in every sexual intercourse,
    • Avoid the losses of erection during attempt of penetration or
    •           change of position during the sexual intercourse,
    • Find complete trust in you,
    • Increase the blood circulation in the penis.

With VIGARoc you'll be satisfied or money back!


 The use of VIGARoc                 


Every bottle of VIGARoc contains 60 capsules for a duration of 1 month.

You have to take 2 capsules 20 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

Especially do not exceed 4 tablets within 24 hours.
The doctors recommend a treatment of:
Four months : Will allow to treat definitively the possible and short-term impotence.
Eight months : Will allow to eliminate definitively the total impotence.

8 bottles of VIGARoc ™ assure a treatment during six months to treat definitively the sexual disorders.

 Components of VIGARoc                     


VIGARoc is composed of a mixture of plants well selected, unique and without side effects approved and tested by sex therapists and experts in this field.


- Acide Nicotinic

- Hydrochloride of Pyridoxine

- Argyreia Speciosa

- Maca

- Epimedium


This selection of ingredients showed a victory in 2009 and a success against

The Male Impotence



 Side Effects                                                          


VIGARoc is the optimal choice for any man wanting to satisfy their partner and has no side effects and is the best product recommended by all doctors and experts in the field of natural health.

Indeed, its natural composition is carefully chosen and which is made according to very strict directives of quality control and according to the international manufacturing standards.


FitaPharma products have the natural composition is the safest and most recommended by doctors the most prominent.


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